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{Weekly Goals} : 10.9.16

I can’t believe it is Sunday again. It seems like the weeks fly by and I am always scurrying to catch up.

So here were last weeks goals:
1. Complete all planned workouts. – Didn’t happen
2. No eating out for me.  – Completed!!!
3. Track all my meals. – Completed!!!

I still have no figured out how to get all my planned workouts in every day. Something about 4 kids, soccer practice, sleep, and everything else I just haven’t figured it all out yet.

14474121_1460514177297494_8434245699717038080_n1from Instagram this week

This weeks goals:
1. Track all my meals. – Right now this is a big part of my plan. It helps me see/remember how many calories something is. It allows me to make better decisions on what I eat, because I am more aware about what I am eating.

2. Complete all planned workouts – I’m going to keep trying to get it done.

3. Clean up my eating. – This past week my eating has sucked. I have been snacking on too many sweets. Not good. So this week I want to refocus on eating cleaner.

Hopefully I can be successful on all three goals this week.

“It’s not about having time, but making time.”


Vacation Over

Last week I was on vacation. Yay! Before I left for vacation, I set a goal for the week. My goal was simple, don’t gain any weight.

One reason I love going to the beach each year is that I get to run on flat ground. There are no hills! So I try to run each morning. This year was no exception. Thing 4 and I hit the road every morning. I ended up running over 20 miles last week.

All that running, and being conscious of what I was eating, I actually managed to lose 3.5 pounds over the week. Score!


I know that to many people it sounds crazy, but I have noticed over the last few months that on the days I don’t get out and run/move in the morning, I am so much more tired during the day. I can’t really afford to be tired with 4 kids, especially when I am responsible for homeschooling them each day. Thankfully, I think the boys realize that too and have been pretty good about letting Thing 4 and I get out and get moving every morning.

“Your only one workout away from a good mood.”


Seeing Progress



If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you know that one thing I have been trying to do, for years, is to lose weight.  Back in 2013, when I started getting into triathlons, for the first time, I actually started losing weight.  I was training hard and consistently, watching what I ate and was felt great.  I had actually gotten down to my lowest weight since college, 175 pounds.  That was in August of 2013.

It was also during this time when we decided that we were going to move halfway across the country.  Soon my time was filled with cleaning, painting, packing, repair people, searching for a house and all the other headaches that come with moving.  Needless to say, training was no longer a top priority.  Once our house was actually on the market, our meals were nothing but fast food.

We moved from Texas to Georgia the first part of December, but went back to Texas for Christmas, so the fast food meals continued combined with the usual Christmas faire.  Over the course of the move and the holidays I managed to gain only 5 pounds or so which was quiet the accomplishment.

January 2014 rolls around and we are slowly getting settled in our new home, trying to get integrated with different homeschool groups and just trying to find our way around.  What I didn’t count on was how long it took us to get into the swing of things and how much energy it took for me to get us there.

Exercising was just not happening.  I would start a few time and then something would happen and I would stop.  I even signed up for several triathlons thinking that was what I needed to do to motivate myself.  Nope, instead I did several triathlons that kicked my butt, especially the hills on the bike courses.  However, I still managed to place, so it didn’t motivate me like I had hoped.


In October I decided to start playing indoor soccer in two different leagues.  I had not played organized soccer in 9 years.  Yes, I played with the boys, but it is just not the same.  Wow, the first couple of games were a wakeup call of how out of shape I was.  It became even more glaringly obvious when I ended up having to play the entire game. I needed to get my act together if I was going to keep playing because it sucked trying to walk the next morning.  I hated being so sore and out of shape.

So a few weeks into the season, I decided that it was time to get serious again.  I started at the very beginning.  I weighed myself, I took measurements and outlined a workout plan.  I weighed 187 pounds. My goal was to make it through the holiday season without gaining any weight.

Thankfully, I survived the holiday season and made it out at 185.  January 2015 came around, I was ready to get serious.  I started tracking all my food on the Lose It! App that I have had on my phone for years.  I started exercising almost daily.  I am playing soccer in 3 different leagues, I ride my bike indoors 1-2 days a week, I run at least 2 days a week, I walk on my off days, and I have been doing yoga, almost daily.

Since January 2015, I have lost 13 pounds and 12 inches off my body.  My clothes fit better.  I have been able to wear clothes that I haven’t been able to fit into for over a year.  I have even gone shopping for new clothes in sizes I haven’t worn since before kids.  I am able to play in two entire soccer games every Sunday and then wake up Monday morning ride my bike for an hour and then play over half of another soccer game that night and I am rarely sore.

I am ecstatic about my recent progress and can’t wait to see how my body continues to transform.  Back in 2013, it took me almost the entire year to lose the 25 pounds that I had lost.  This time around I have managed to lose 13 pounds in only a couple of months.  I know I am more successful this time because I am tracking my food and exercise.  I have read for years that people who have food and exercise journals are more successful and now I understand why.  There is nothing like seeing in black and white how many calories your meal is to make you stop and think before you just mindlessly eat.  It forces me to make better food choices.  It also allows me to stop and decide if I am really hungry or if I am just bored.

I am going to continue to make progress.  This month I am adding weight lifting to my usual routine.  Summer is coming soon and I want to show off some muscles.

How are your goals coming?

{Weigh In} : 3.27.14

Once again it has been a while since I weighed in.  Oops.  To be completely honest, I have struggled to find motivation to workout.  When I don’t work out, I don’t and can’t lose weight, so I guess not writing a post is just a way for me to avoid being honest with myself. 

DesotoFallsHike 015

So here it is, time to get back on that wagon and be honest with myself.  This week I weighed 185.4 pounds.  Not what I was hoping, however, with my lack of effort, lack of exercise and crappy eating it could have been a lot worse.

 iphonedump52714 009

It’s time to start getting this done.

Where are you this week?

{Weigh In} : 1.29.14

Today I woke up to this beautiful sight.  I had planned to run today, however after a walk down my driveway, to take pictures of this beautiful sight, and busing my tail, I decided to walk instead.  Much safer that way!

iphone1-29 002

Alright onto the weigh in, I am happy to say that since last week I have lost 2 pounds. I am now down to 186.  I will take it.

 iphone1-29 004

Over the past week I have been consistent in my cardio.  Now I am starting to add in yoga.  By next week I hope to have consistent yoga practice and then add in weight training.  I realized that I need to add one thing in at a time or it will never happen.  I have also realized that if I am going to get yoga and weights done each day I am going to have to do them early in the day, like before the boys wake up.  Which in turn means I need to wake up early, however, that just isn’t happening right now.  I guess I never realized how set my internal clock is to the central time zone because it does not want to adjust.  It would probably help my cause if it wasn’t winter.  Hopefully, I will get it all figured out sooner than later.

How was your week?

{Weigh In} : 1.22.14

Well…let’s see.  As I remember my goal before we moved was to get through the holidays staying around 180.  Two months without working out AT. ALL.  A stressful move.  Throw in several 14 hour road trips, the holidays and cold weather, let’s just say that didn’t happen.  I have managed to let my weight creep up to 188.  Not great, but It is much better than where I was a year ago.

northshoretrailhike 135

It goes without saying, I have my work cut out for me in order to turn this train around.  However, I am struggling to get motivated.  I started running for the first time in almost two months last week.  Let me tell you, those first three days were terrible.  I remember asking myself why I ever stopped.  I know getting started again is always painful and something to be avoided at all cost, but no I didn’t listen and I stopped running, stopped doing all cardio exercise.  Why?

However after about the fourth day, things started looking up.  I am still slow, if not slower than I was.   My body does not understand running these things called hills that they have here in Georgia. I also am starting to realize that I don’t have the correct clothes to go running when it is below freezing outside in the mornings.  It just never got that cold that often in Texas, so I had no reason to have lots of cold weather running gear.

Over the next few weeks, as we start to get into a consistent daily rhythm, I am hoping to start lifting weights and get into a regular yoga practice.  It is time to get back on track, cause honestly I feel like crap and my clothes just aren’t fitting so great. No good.

As for my plans for the year, I don’t have any yet.  In Texas it was really easy to find several triathlons to compete in that were relatively close to our house almost every weekend.  I am struggling big time to find anything like that in Georgia.  So who knows what I will end up doing.  Right now, I am just trying to get our house and homeschooling in order.

How is your 2014 going?

{Weigh In} : 11.20.13

So I may be a little late on this, but anyone who has ever moved understands just how crazy things are right now.  I did weigh myself yesterday morning, I was just so tired by the end of the day to actually write my post.  I am holding strong at 179.something.  The point something depends on the day, but it is 179.

run&pepperwalk 052

I will take it. To be honest, at this point I will be happy to make it to the new year under 180.  In the 6 weeks between now and the first of the year, next week is Thanksgiving, the week after we will be packing to move and moving halfway across the country, then we will be at our new house for about two weeks, then we head back to Texas for Christmas, and then back to our new home.  With all the travel and craziness the only exercise I may get in the next few weeks will be unpacking.

How are you doing?

{Weigh In} : 10.31.13

Happy Halloween!

PumpkinPatch 038

So I know I am a day late on my weigh in, but honestly I completely forgot to weigh myself Wednesday morning.  I woke up determined to get some major house cleaning done.  Besides it is probably a good thing, since Tuesday was my birthday and I did indulge a little bit.

This morning I weighed in at…


It is a pound more than last week, but completely expected.  I have been eating terribly.  Tuesday was my birthday.  I might have indulged in some Halloween candy from Trunk or Treat.  I have not exercised as much as normal because I have been cleaning my house like a mad woman.

Basically I am just suckin’ it right now.  But I am done with the excuses and it is time to get back on track.


{Weigh In} : 10.23.13

Ok, so once again I have fallen off the weekly weigh in wagon.  Well, actually I have fallen off the blogging wagon in general.  I am full of excuses; (packing, cleaning, house searching, traveling, broken scale, etc), but I know it is up to me to get myself back on track and motivated again.



My running partners this evening.

The broken scale is probably the biggest factor in my lack of weigh in posts.  Kinda hard to know what you weigh if you can’t get your bathroom scale to work.  However, after way to much delay, I finally replaced our broken bathroom scale.  I have had it about a week, however, I had gotten out of the routine of weighing myself and just forgot.  (There is a lot going on around here.)

I weighed 175 pounds on September 1st.  This morning I weighed…


To be honest, it is what I expected if not a little better.  I have been doing half of the training that I normally do.  I took almost two weeks off due to fatigue and looking for houses  (lots of time in the car when you are looking to live in the middle of nowhere.)  My eating has been horrible and my body feels it, lots of fast food due to making two trips to Georgia, including the one where I drove 13 hours there, spent 8 hours three days in the cars traveling to 3o something properties and 15 pieces of land and driving 13 hours back.  I have also not been getting enough sleep due to and the extra work and cleaning I am doing to get our house ready to sell.  Daddy Cameron has also been gone two weekends, making it hard for me to get any longer runs in.  I can only push the triple jogging stroller so far.  Oh, and my thyroid doctor said my levels were too high, which is causing me to be more tired than usual.  Yay!

So overall, only a 4 pound weigh gain isn’t too bad.  However, I am ready to get back to eating  better and feeling better again.  I am also determined to do a better job of tracking my progress, so on those days when “I’m too tired” I can look back and see how far I have come and how much better I feel when I do exercise.

I have come a long way this year.  I have lost almost 25 pounds since March.  I have been working several years to lose weight and I have finally done it, especially with all the ups and downs I have had with my thyroid.

Just tonight I found this picture of an old weigh in (Jan. 16), before I was ever brave enough to post it on the blog.  Sadly, this wasn’t even my highest weight.  Notice the different scales. 🙂


How was your week?

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