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Vacation Over

Last week I was on vacation. Yay! Before I left for vacation, I set a goal for the week. My goal was simple, don’t gain any weight.

One reason I love going to the beach each year is that I get to run on flat ground. There are no hills! So I try to run each morning. This year was no exception. Thing 4 and I hit the road every morning. I ended up running over 20 miles last week.

All that running, and being conscious of what I was eating, I actually managed to lose 3.5 pounds over the week. Score!


I know that to many people it sounds crazy, but I have noticed over the last few months that on the days I don’t get out and run/move in the morning, I am so much more tired during the day. I can’t really afford to be tired with 4 kids, especially when I am responsible for homeschooling them each day. Thankfully, I think the boys realize that too and have been pretty good about letting Thing 4 and I get out and get moving every morning.

“Your only one workout away from a good mood.”


November Wrap Up & December Goals


Operation One Voice Star Spangled 5K

Yesterday to start off our 4th of July celebration I competed in a local 5K benefiting a great cause, Operation One Voice. Operation One Voice supports the families of wounded and fallen Special Operations Forces.

Going into yesterdays race I had one goal, to have a time under 36 minutes. I don’t run fast, even when I’m not pregnant.  Looking back at all my previous 5K races when I was pregnant, my best time was 43 minutes (I was 25 weeks pregnant at the time pushing double jogging stroller), and I knew this time I could do better. However, at the same time, I knew that if it didn’t happen, it wasn’t the end of the world. If I started hurting, I would walk.  It was nice to have such a laid back attitude to a race for once.


So my official time (36:32). However, everyone was discussing after the race that the course was over 3.1 miles, I had about 3.22.  That .12 of a mile made a big difference. 🙂  The one thing I didn’t take into consideration was the giant hill that we had to run back up the second half of the race.  There was a 541 foot elevation change that lasted over 1 mile.  Not cool.  I actually passed a lot of people running up that hill.  What probably hurt my time the most was running down the hill.  The extra pounding was a lot uncomfortable on my big ‘ol belly.


It has been a long time since I have ran a 5K that wasn’t part of a triathlon.  It has been over 3 years. When I am running a 5K as part of a triathlon, I am having to mentally tell myself it is almost over. Yesterday it was an interesting experience because I never had that feeling. I was just doing a normal training run for me.

Time : 36:32 (for 3.22)
Overall Place: 96/146
Gender Place : 40/76
Age Group Place: 12/24

Update & Running Trails

Let’s be totally honest, I have been a horrible blogger lately on all fronts.  I don’t mean to, but life happens.  I have had a hard time lately establishing a rhythm to my day.

First and foremost, I had to establish a steady rhythm with the boys school day.  Thankfully, we have established a steady rhythm for our school day and school is going well.

Secondly, I wanted to establish a cardio routine.  I feel better when I get some sort of cardio exercise each day.  I am a better mother when I start my day with some cardio.  So, it was important to get my day started with some cardio, thus I took to running or walking our driveway every morning.  Let me tell you, in the beginning it was a slow and painful.  I had no idea how much cardio fitness I had lost during November and December as we moved.  It also didn’t help that I had gained 10 pounds during that time.  Stopping all exercise during the holidays was not the best idea.  However, I am happy to say that I have a good bit of my cardio fitness back.  No, I don’t think I could get out there and successfully compete in a triathlon, but I can handle over an hour of physical activity.

Now it is time to figure out how and where to add in yoga and weight training, while still getting in my cardio, cooking healthy meals, schooling my boys, cleaning my house, running errands, planning next years school and sleeping.  It is important to me and I am going to make time, but I just figure out when and how.


Thankfully, with Daddy Cameron home on the weekends I am able to get out and spent some time on my own.  Saturday morning I headed out to the same state park that we hiked as a family on Friday.  Really, after walking on part of the trails with the family on Friday I wanted to get out and try running them.  Now, let me say that I haven’t run a trail since maybe 2008.  What was I thinking?  Oh, and I also decided to run the 7 mile loop.  Seven miles.  I haven’t run 7 miles since, well I don’t know when.  Maybe when I was training for half marathons, which would have been in 2012.  What was I thinking?


Apparently, my thinking was pretty solid and I had a great 7 mile trail run.  It was awesome and surprisingly I was not too sore today.  My legs were tired as I headed out for a slow 3 mile recovery run, but they weren’t sore.  There was no falling the last foot to the potty or inability to bend down and put on my shores.  Just tired legs.  I am hoping to be able to head out to the trails more often as a great way to break up my driveway runs and to challenge my body a little more.

How was your week?

{Wednesday Weigh In} : (1.9.13) Down 2

I am super happy to share that I am down two pounds since last week!

Wednesday Weigh In

My secrets to success:

1.  I have been super diligent about recording everything that I put in my mouth.
This has given me an accurate calorie count.  It has also curtailed me from eating the boys leftovers as I clean up, because I don’t want to have to take the time to record the little amounts of food.  I also have been able to see how quickly those little amounts of food add up.  I see that I am wasting good calories on crap food.

2.  I have been consistent with my exercise.
Although I do not get out there and push the triple jogging stroller everyday, I am getting up at 5am to get in some exercise.  Some days it is Insanity.  Other days I will simply run back and forth in my house (my husband travels, so there is no leaving the house at 5am to run) followed by lifting weights.  I will do yoga during the boys rest time in the afternoon.  I have even taken to dancing around my house some just to burn a few more calories.

On the weekends, when Daddy Cameron is home I have been pushing my mileage up and trying to make the most of the time I do get to run.  I really enjoyed the longer runs I was able to get in this past weekend.

I have really enjoyed getting back to exercising daily.  What I have noticed the most is that my attitude is so much better on the days that I have worked out.  I am much more patient with my boys, which has been important the last two days sine it has done nothing by rain.  I have also enjoyed the soreness that comes with a good work out.  I know, I’m weird, but I do.

I know that I am going to have to keep it up to continue my progress.  I know that not all weeks are going to be this successful.  I know that I still have issues with my thyroid to work out that will affect my weight.  However, I will get it done.

“Every choice you make has an end result.” – Zig Ziglar

{Weigh In & Workouts} : 10.3


It has been super quiet around here when it comes to my weigh in and workouts and there is a reason.  While I was training for my first triathlon, my right foot really started to bother me.  I could walk and run on it, but doing things like walking down stairs was super painful.

I decided that it would be best for me to take some time off.  So I did for  few days, but then I would get antsy and want to go run, so I would.  Then, my foot would start hurting.  I would decided that I really needed to take a more time off, but I would get antsy again and go run.  Then it would hurt again, and I would tell myself I needed to rest.  After another round or two of this behavior, I finally took the rest my foot needed, almost 3 weeks.

My foot is now feeling a lot better and I am ready to start running again and I am ready to lose the 6 pounds that I gained during my time off.

I started back last Friday and have managed to run 3 miles every day, except Sunday, where I ran a mile and a half.  My legs were tight from all the sudden activity.  It has been hard to see how much slower I am now than I was at the beginning of August, but I know that I will get back there and hopefully event faster in the coming months.

I have decided that to help get myself back into the running habit that I am going to go streaking during the month of October! No not that type of streaking.  I want to run at least one mile, do 15 push ups and 500 ab exercise every day in October.  Wish me luck!

As for my weight loss, like I mentioned earlier, I am up 6 pounds since the triathlon.  No it is not a lot, but it is enough that some of my clothes are a little tight and uncomfortable.   There are two reasons for that, one, is my inconsistent training over the last two months.  The second, which I learned today, is that my thyroid function is too low again, which helps explain the weight gains, as well as my fatigue.  Hopefully in the next month or so I will see some improvement as my higher dose of medication takes effect.


{Wednesday Weigh In} 8.1

90 days until my birthday!  Yeah, I know it is weird that I know that, but I do because that means I have 90 days to ideally lose around 20 pounds by my birthday.  A totally doable goal.

I have to admit that I have not been doing great with my food choices and I need to be more consistent with my weight training.  I will do really well for a while, then something happens.  Honestly, I am so thankful that I have not gained any weight during this time.

Over the last two weeks I am down 2 more pounds!  Slow and steady wins the race.

Over the last two weeks I have also cut back running 6 days a week to 5 days a week.  My body was tired.  My legs would feel like jello.  I was having trouble sleeping.  I have a spot on my right foot that has been sore.  So I took these as signs that I was over training and decided to cut back.  I have also cut back from doing the whole triathlon on Sundays to just biking and swimming.

I have been trying to decide what to do next.  Do I want to train for a marathon?  A half marathon?  Or, work on my speed and do some shorter races.  Or, do I focus more on weight training and have my running become secondary (this probably won’t happen.)

I am not sure what to do, but I know I do better with some sort of goal in mind.  Nothing crazy, just something to keep me focused.  However at the same time, I also have a lot on my plate right now and I don’t want any of that to suffer.  (My husband is gone every week.  I homeschool my three very active boys.  I run our homeschool group.  I host homeschool co op classes at my home every week.)  I also don’t want to wear myself out, because then my relationships suffer.

What do you think I should do?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

{Weigh In} : July 11

I’m STUCK.  I have been at the same weight for a month now.   

I am happy that I am maintaining my weigh loss, but I would really like to start losing again.

I know I need to change up my routine.  I have been saying that for a couple of weeks now, but I need to do it.  I had planned to start lifting weights this week, oops!

I have a plan, and starting next Monday I will be adding weights to my usual cardio routine.  I know I should change up my cardio routine, but I like to run.  Yes, I am one of those weird people who looks forward and need my morning run.  It is my drug.  For those who aren’t runners, you just wouldn’t understand. 

I am hoping that lifting weights will soon become my second drug.  It has been a while, like college, since I have had a serious weight lifting routine.  I know that the first week or two are going to be rough and I am going to be sore, but at the same time I am excited.

How are things going for you?

Vacation Weight

The last two weeks have been anything but ordinary.

Two weeks ago, I was busy packing for vacation and driving halfway across the United States (Texas to South Carolina).  Needless to say, all of this craziness made keeping my healthy eating in check super difficult.  However, I kept my training on track.  I missed out on running was Wednesday, which is the day we traveled halfway across the United States.  (Yes, we did it all in one day.  A day that started at 2 am.)  The other day I missed out on was Friday, which was the day we actually traveled to the beach.  (About 4 hours in the car.)

While at the beach, I really upped my mileage since I would not be riding my bike any and I knew that my food choices would not be the best.  I ran every day except, Monday (tropical depression Debby was supposed to be there), Friday and Saturday, which were travel days. On Thursday, I actually ran 7 miles.  I would have run 8, but I knew that there were three little boys who were waiting on me to go to the beach.  I really enjoyed running in the cooler temperatures.

Today, I went for a swim, bike and a run.  basically I did the entire triathlon that I will be doing on August 11 this morning.  Now I know I can do it, I just need to work on doing it faster.  Which if you know me, fast is not exactly what I do best.

The sunsrise this morning before I started my swim.

Overall, I count my vacation as a success.  I was able to maintain my weight loss the entire time I was gone, despite some less than stellar eating and a lot of sitting a few days.

Now it is time to focus on getting ready for my first triathlon and getting serious about lifting weights.


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