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{Monthly Goals} : November

So October is over, November is upon us and life is going to get crazy with the holidays on the way. I always feel like October through December is just crazy busy. Anyway, lets review last months goals:


October Goals
1. Get below 190 pounds. – Didn’t happen. However, I did manage to lose 3.5 inches from my body. So although the scale isn’t changing my body is.

2. Track all meals. – Check

3. Only eat sweet treats on birthdays.  – Ha Ha! Not Even Close.

4. Be consistent with blogging. – Nope, I tried. I thought about it, but I just didn’t find the time to get it done. However, I was consistent of tracking my workouts on Instagram.

5. Try some new workouts this month.- Check

Let’s just say I wasn’t as successful as I had hoped, but I did get a couple of things accomplished. I had a really hard time coming up with goals for November.


November Goals
1. Track all meals. – This is an important part of my journey, at least until I get a better handle on things.

2. Get consistent with Blogging – Ok, so I didn’t get it done last month so let’s give it a try this month.

3. Take time to plan my workouts each week. – The last couple of weekend have been busy, so I haven’t taken the time to plan my workouts. Many days I am winging my workouts, especially my weight lifting I really want something more.

4. Do yoga at least 3 times a week. – Most days when I run out of time, yoga is the first thing cut off my workout list for the day. However, I really enjoy yoga and my body feels better afterwards.

5. Clean up my eating. – My eating was better in October, but it can be even better. So I want to continue to clean it up. Besides I feel better when I eat better. Thankfully, I’m not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving, so I don’t have to worry about that.

I guess that about sums it up. I am just trying to keep it going. Keep grinding. I’m determined to reach my goals.

“It never gets easier, you just get stronger.”


{Monthly Rewind} : August 2016

August started on such a positive note. During the first week of August, while on vacation, I managed to lose 3.5 pounds and had one of the highest mileage weeks in a long time.


The second week of August I managed to maintain my weight loss as the first week of the boys soccer practices started.


Then the third weekend in August we had family in town, which is always accompanied by unhealthy food. It also lead to a lot less sleep. So that the fourth week in August, I was struggling. When I get tired I make terrible food choices.


The fourth weekend in August, Thing 1 and Thing 2 had a soccer tournament with early mornings both Saturday and Sunday. Not much activity and even more tiredness. So the last week in August was torture. On Monday, I was so tired I didn’t even run while at the boys’ soccer practice, which was a mistake because Thing 4 does not like walks in the stroller. The rest of the week didn’t go much better.


All the progress I had made during the week we were on vacation is gone, but at this point I am just glad I survived. And surviving was really was what I was doing. I had very few workouts and the ones I did complete were terrible. That is one reason I am looking forward to September..

“Strive for progress, not perfection”

{Rewind} : February

Despite having a slow start to February, I was able to get in some great mileage, most of it with this cutie.


Total : 76.82 miles
Running : 27.26 miles
Hiking : 9.4 miles
Walking : 40.16 miles

My hips, especially my right hip has really been bothering me (thanks Thing 4). So some days I have great intentions of running, but I just can get it done. It has become very frustrating, but I am continuing to work on stretching and making it stronger.

Despite my hip, I think February ended pretty well considering I did not know how it was going to go because of my ribs. Like Daddy Cameron loves to point out, I’m falling apart. I like to think of it as adjusting to just having a baby.

Tomorrow I hope to share what my plans are for March. I would share them tonight, but I need a little bit of time to think about them, since I just realized it is March 1st. My brain might not be working to full capacity right now. I will blame that on Thing 4.

How was your month?


{Rewind} : January 2016

Ok, so things have been pretty quiet this month. I had really great plans and really great intentions. Things were going really well until I bruised my ribs. January 10th, I was outside playing soccer with the family and I might have been tripped by Thing 1, and I fell.


My ribs hurt pretty bad. I couldn’t stand up straight. It hurt to breath. The worse was trying to take care of a 10 pound Thing 4. It just hurt.


However what surprised me the most was how long it took to feel well enough to walk. It has been 3 weeks and I still can’t run.

IMG_1136 (2)

Despite the setback and forced inactivity, I still managed to get in 67.4 miles this month.

So here is this months break down.
Walk : 32.6 miles
Bike: 18 miles
Hike: 10.6 miles
Run : 6.2 miles

The hiking mileage has increased because the boys and I have decided to do a hike every week this year. I really want to get the boy moving more, because since Minecraft was introduced to our boys they have become much less active.


Hopefully February will go a lot better.