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2015 in Review

Hello 2016!

2015 was a year I won’t forget. I started the year with the intention of losing weight. Ideally I wanted to lose 30 pounds by my birthday in October.

national running day

I was playing indoor soccer on 3 different teams. Tracking my calories. Running in on days I didn’t have games. Thus, with all this activity I was losing weight. By March I had lost 13 pounds and 12 inches off my body.

Not long after I wrote that post in March I discovered I was pregnant with Thing 4. Surprise! All my great plans were put on hold.
However, instead of giving into the whole eating for two thing, I decided to make his my healthiest pregnancy. I was determined to be that pregnant lady who ran until I delivered (unless I needed to stop to keep the baby safe.)

After the July 4th 5K

So I ran, walked, swam, cycled, and hiked the entire 38 weeks I was pregnant. The day before I went into labor I ran 3 miles. The day I went into labor I walked 5 miles. (I might have been trying to encourage someone to leave.) By the end of my pregnancy I had gained a healthy 15 pounds or so.


Thing 3 and I after my triathlon in July

I had the easiest delivery and recovery of all my kids and she was the largest baby by almost a pound. I was out of the hospital 24 hours after she was born and out trunk or treating when she was 3 days old. I was also back to my pre pregnancy weight 3 days after I delivered. I was back run/walking at 4 weeks. Running an entire 5K by 5 weeks. I credit most of this to the fact that I was so active during my pregnancy.


The day before I went into labor. After my 3 mile run.

Although I never reached my 2015 goals of losing weight and inches, I still count this as a very successful year, because I had the healthiest of all my pregnancies.


Walking with all my boys, Thing 4 is 3 weeks old

How was your year?


{Fit Pregnancy} : Week 26 to the End

Surprise, surprise! I didn’t keep blogging through the end of my pregnancy, however, I did stay very active.  I did some form of cardio most days of the week.  Here is a breakdown of the last 4 months of my pregnancy.

July : 55 miles
August : 52 miles
September : 63 miles
October : 30 miles

This miles were made up of runs, walks and hikes.

Two days before I gave birth, I ran 3 miles. The day before I gave birth I walked 5 miles. I might have been on a mission to get Thing 4 out. I was miserable because I had polyhydraimnos, or too much fluid, which made everything much more uncomforatable.


The last picture before Thing 4 arrived, taken after my 3 mile run.

I firmly believe that because I was so active during this entire pregnancy, it made my delivery so much easier.  Thing 4 was my largest baby at 7 pounds 8.4 ounces, however, she was my easiest delivery. I had no pain medication once my epidural wore off. I was up and moving as soon as I could feel my legs. I was so ready to go home as soon as she was out. Thankfully I was able to go home the next day.

My recovery has also been so much easier than before. I was out trunk or treating 3 days after she was born. I was trick or treating through a hilly neighborhood 6 days after she was born. I really want to start running, but I know I need to let my body heal a little more.


Staying active was absolutely the best thing I could have done both during my pregnancy and to make my recovery easier after delivery.



{Fit Pregnancy} : Weeks 23 – 25

Between the craziness of life and our beach vacation I am a little behind, so I am here to catch up.


Week 23
Sun (7.12) 30 min walk
Mon (7.13) 3 mile run
Tues (7.14) 40 min ride
Wed (7.15) Off
Thur (7.16) 1 hour walk
Fri (7.17) 45 min walk
Sat (7.18) 250 yard swim, 8 mile ride, 2.25 run (Chopped Oak Triathlon)

Week 24
Sun (7.19) Off
Mon (7.20) 3 mile run
Tue (7.21) 42 min walk
Wed (7.22) 1 hour walk
Thur (7.23) Off
Fri (7.24) 40 min walk
Sat (7.25) 1 hour walk

Week 25
Sun (7.26) Off
Mon (7.27) 1 hour 5 min walk
Tue (7.28) 3 mile run
Wed (7.29) 1 hour walk
Thur (7.30) 40 min walk, 20 min swim
Fri (7.31) 30 min walk, 30 min swim
Sat (8.1) ???

At this point in my pregnancy, I have gained quiet the belly. But I have only gained 6 pounds, (only 4 pounds according to the doctor). I feel great. I feel strong.


{Fit Pregnancy} : 22 Weeks

Oops! I forgot to post last weeks workouts. So here is what I have one over the last few two weeks.


The boys and I after Operation One Voice Star Spangled 5K.

6.25.15 – Run (3 miles)
6.26.15 – Walk (1 hour)
6.27.15 – Run (3 miles)
6.28.15 -Walk (1 hour)
6.29.15 -Hike (3 miles)
6.30.15 – Off
7.1.15 -Swim (2o min.), Run (3 miles)

7.2.15 -Swim (30 min.)
7.3.15 – Off
7.4.15 – Run 5K
7.5.15 – Off
7.6.15 – Walk (1 hour); weights
7.7.15 – Run (3.1 miles)

There have been some days lately that I have been really tired, but I feel much better after I have gotten some form of a workout done. A few days, I felt super tired during the middle of the day and I got out and did a short workout, usually swimming, and had enough energy to get through the rest of the day.

I can’t believe I’m over halfway done with this pregnancy.  Even more surprising is that I have nothing done for our baby girl.  Technically the only thing done is that she has a name.

Operation One Voice Star Spangled 5K

Yesterday to start off our 4th of July celebration I competed in a local 5K benefiting a great cause, Operation One Voice. Operation One Voice supports the families of wounded and fallen Special Operations Forces.

Going into yesterdays race I had one goal, to have a time under 36 minutes. I don’t run fast, even when I’m not pregnant.  Looking back at all my previous 5K races when I was pregnant, my best time was 43 minutes (I was 25 weeks pregnant at the time pushing double jogging stroller), and I knew this time I could do better. However, at the same time, I knew that if it didn’t happen, it wasn’t the end of the world. If I started hurting, I would walk.  It was nice to have such a laid back attitude to a race for once.


So my official time (36:32). However, everyone was discussing after the race that the course was over 3.1 miles, I had about 3.22.  That .12 of a mile made a big difference. 🙂  The one thing I didn’t take into consideration was the giant hill that we had to run back up the second half of the race.  There was a 541 foot elevation change that lasted over 1 mile.  Not cool.  I actually passed a lot of people running up that hill.  What probably hurt my time the most was running down the hill.  The extra pounding was a lot uncomfortable on my big ‘ol belly.


It has been a long time since I have ran a 5K that wasn’t part of a triathlon.  It has been over 3 years. When I am running a 5K as part of a triathlon, I am having to mentally tell myself it is almost over. Yesterday it was an interesting experience because I never had that feeling. I was just doing a normal training run for me.

Time : 36:32 (for 3.22)
Overall Place: 96/146
Gender Place : 40/76
Age Group Place: 12/24

{Fit Pregnancy} : 20 Weeks

Well look at that, I actually posted two weeks in a row. This last week has been quiet the week.  On Monday, we found out that surprise baby #4 is a girl! On Tuesday, we revealed to the world that we were having a girl. Everyone is super excited, except for the boys.  I think they believe that their whole world is going to turn pink and this little princess is going to take over and their world is going to end.

It's a Girl 2

Thursday (6.18) – Walk (60 minutes)
Friday (6.19) – Swim (20 minutes)
Saturday (6.20) – Hike (6.5 miles)
Sunday (6.21) – Swim (40 minutes)
Monday (6.22) – Walk (30 minutes)
Tuesday (6.23) – Walk (60 minutes)
Wednesday (6.24) – Off (I had planned to swim laps this evening, but thunderstorms popped up)

I have felt pretty good, I am still tired most days.  But I don’t know if it is from growing a human, my thyroid levels being low again, or the fact that I am trying to do everything like I’m not pregnant. However, like I have said before, I feel better on the days I exercise than on the days I don’t.  So, I just have to keep moving.

How was your week?




{Fit Pregnancy} : 19 Weeks

Well look at that, I am actually back a week later writing about my exercise from this past week.

19 weeks
Thursday (6.11) – off
Friday (6.12) – Run (3 miles)
Saturday (6.13) – Walk (40 min.)
Sunday (6.14) – Walk (1 hour)
Monday (6.15) – Tread Water (20 min.)
Tuesday (6.16) – Run (4 miles) & Tread Water (45 min.)
Wednesday (6.17) – Walk (1 hour 20 min.) & Swim Laps (30 mins.)

It was  a great week!

My runs are all over the place.  Some days, my pace is almost what it was before I was pregnant.  Other days I feel like this turtle that was crossing our driveway on Tuesday, slow but steady.


This week was the first week that I actually ventured into the pool.  Up until this week, it has been a little cooler than I felt like dealing with. However, this week it has been hot, like mid to upper 90s, hot.  I love it. I love summer!  Anyway, my pregnant body loves being in the water.  I love that the baby is not putting pressure on any part of my body, giving my aching back and hips a break.


Tonight, I swam laps for the first time this summer and it felt amazing.  I get a full body workout and there is no pressure anywhere, like there is when I run or walk. I also relish the idea that my arms got a great workout.

I look forward to seeing what next week brings!

{Fit Pregnancy} : 18 Weeks

So, as usual, I haven’t been that great about writing blog posts.  During our move, I got out of the habit of writing and for some reason I just can’t get back into it.  Thus, I have about 8 weeks to catch up on.

national running day

The boys and I after our run on National Running Day.

10 Weeks
Thursday (4.16)
Friday (4.17)
Saturday (4.18)

11 Weeks
Sunday (4.19)
Monday (4.20) – Run 3.1 miles
Tuesday (4.21)
Wednesday (4.22) – Walk 2.22
Thursday (4.23)
Friday (4.24)
Saturday (4.25)

12 Weeks
Sunday (4.26)
Tuesday (4.28)
Wednesday (4.29)
Thursday (4.30)
Friday (5.1)
Saturday (5.2)

13 Weeks
Sunday (5.3)
Monday (5.4)
Tuesday (5.5)
Wednesday (5.6)
Thursday (5.7)
Friday (5.8)
Saturday (5.9)

14 Weeks
Sunday (5.10)
Monday (5.11) – Run 3.1 miles
Tuesday (5.12) – Ride 45 min.
Wednesday (5.13) – Run 3 miles
Thursday (5.14)
Friday (5.15)
Saturday (5.16) – Walk  45 mins.

15 Weeks
Sunday (5.17)
Monday (5.18)
Tuesday (5.19) – Run 3 miles
Wednesday (5.20)
Thursday (5.21)
Friday (5.22)
Saturday (5.23)

16 Weeks
Sunday (5.24)
Monday (5.25)
Tuesday (5.26)
Wednesday (5.27) – Run 3 miles
Thursday (5.28) – Walk 1 hour
Friday (5.29) – Walk 1 hour
Saturday (5.30)

17 Weeks
Sunday (5.31)
Monday (6.1) – Walk 45 min.
Tuesday (6.2)
Wednesday (6.3) – Run 3 miles
Thursday (6.4) – Walk 3o  mins.
Friday (6.5)
Saturday (6.6) – Hike 3 miles

18 Weeks
Sunday (6.7)
Monday (6.8)
Tuesday (6.9) – Ride 45 mins.
Wednesday (6.10) – Run 3 miles

The list above is everything that I tracked on my phone. It doesn’t include several hikes I took with the boys, yoga workouts,  and several morning walks, where I forgot to turn on the app of my phone.  I guess I need to do better about tracking this stuff, or at least write a weekly blog post, when I still remember this stuff. Overall, I know I can do better and want to do better, not just tracking this stuff, but also being more active.

I notice I feel much better and have more energy when I am getting out and being active. Those days I think I should rest, I end up feeling naseaous.  Yes, I am still feeling sick to my stomach at 18 weeks.  I have to be extremely careful about what and when I eat, but I have noticed the days I exercise, I do much better.  So those days when I am tired I have to remind myself of that fact.

Goals for rest of pregnancy:
1. Consistant activity at least 4-5 days a week
2. Continue to listen to my body, if I need to walk, then walk
3.  Add swimming to my cardio routine
4.  Add more cycling to my cardio routine
5.  Keep my pregnancy weight gain to a minimum
6. Eat clean
7.  Drink more water

Hopefully, I will have an update next week!

{Fit Pregnancy} : 10 Weeks & Before

In an effort to hold myself accountable and not get sucked in to having a lazy pregnancy I thought I should start blogging again. We shall see how it goes.  DSC_2251

So before I became pregnant with Thing 4, my weekly workouts looked like this:

Sunday: 2-50 minute indoor soccer games and I played the whole time
Monday: 60 minute bike ride and 35-45 minutes of indoor soccer
Tuesday: Off or 3 mile run
Wednesday: 3 mile run
Thursday: 60 minute bike ride
Friday : 4 mile run
Saturday : off
Sunday : 100 minutes of indoor soccer

There was also some yoga/stretching and weight training in there too.

I know you can keep up your current level of fitness once you got pregnant and I did until I was about 8 weeks along.  The soccer games on Sunday were killing me.  I was so tired Monday, that I could hardly function.  No good, when you have three other kiddos to take care of and school.  And honestly, it sucked trying to play while nauseous.  Also, between the wear on my body and having to change the way I play to protect Thing 4, it just isn’t worth it.

How things have changed the last two weeks:
For one week, I let my body rest a little bit.  The 10 weeks of 2 games every Sunday, really wore my body out and left me with some injuries that just haven’t had time to heal.  Also, my nausea just really hasn’t left me wanting to run much.

Last week was better, while I still feel sick to my stomach, I have been feeling so much better when I have exercised, so I got up early and got moving.  Now, these are nowhere near the same intensity as they were before, but I got moving.  Here is what last week looked like:

Sunday: Off
Monday: Off
Tuesday : Off
Wednesday: Run (3 miles), Walk (2.21 miles)
Thursday: Run (3.5 miles), Walk (2.5 miles)
Friday: Walk (3.21)
Saturday: Run (4 miles)
Sunday: Walk (2.23 miles)
Monday: Ride (60 minutes)
Tuesday: Walk (3.07 miles)

That’s 23. 72 miles on my feet and who knows how far on my bike trainer!  I also did some strength training and stretching.  It felt good to get moving again after a down week.

I am hoping to keep that up.  I did try to run Monday, but I just couldn’t get comfortable, so I stopped an opted to ride my bike instead.  I have ordered a brace to see if that will help with the discomfort I am feeling.

I have also continued to track my calorie intake, well, most days.  Some days I know are bad and I just don’t want to know.  Stupid cravings.  I know that I make better food choices when I am tracking my food, so I figured it isn’t going to hurt to keep that habit.  Besides, I know it will be easier for me to get back on track again when I am no longer pregnant if I keep it up while I am pregnant.

How do you stay active while pregnant?