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Raising the Cameron Clan is actually comprised of five different blogs…

7-23-12 Water Guns, Lots of School 028Raising My Clan

Raising My Clan is where I share our daily adventures; from trips to the park to soccer games and anything in between.  It is mainly written for friends and family who want to know what is going on with us.  This is a journal of our life that I plan to turn into books for us to enjoy for years to come.





Homeschoolinglakeday 085

Homeschooling is where I share details about our homeschooling journey; from the curriculum we us, to specific activities, crafts, printables, and anything else that is specific to our homeschool.  It is also a great way for me to keep records and chronical our progress through our homeschooling journey.




Edisto Sunrise 464Mommy Stuff

Mommy Stuff is where I share recipes, crafts, organizational ideas, green resources and anything else that is part of being a mommy.






Getting Fitsmores,collegetri 079

Getting Fit is where I share to ups, downs and all arounds of trying to lose weight.  I have always been on the bigger side.  However, this got uncomfortable after the births of my three boys all so close together.  I am a real woman with a thyroid problem who is determined to lose weight.  I will share my weight loss, training, challenges, race reports, and anything else that is related to getting fit.






Photography8-2011 San Francisco 012

I take lots of pictures, especially of my boys.  Photography is where I share some of my favorite shots throughout the year.  Photography started as a project to take a picture each week.  However, I have found that some weeks I don’t get any great shots at all, and then other weeks I get lots of great shots.  So this is where I share my favorites whenever they happen.

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