{2018} : Hike 5 : Vines Park/Garden

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Today we embarked on hike number 5 for the year.

This hike was a little different from our other hikes, in that it was on a paved trail through a garden. One of my goals for this year is to have Thing 4 be able to hike 2 miles without having to be held. So every once in a while we will have simpler shorter hikes that are perfect for Thing 4 to get some practice. This will also come as a lesson in patience for the boys who always like to go fast.

Our hike today was at Vines Park in Gwinnett County Georgia. The park is a garden that is next to the Vines Mansion in Loganville Georgia. While it is February, the garden was a still a pretty and interesting place to explore.

The main trail goes around a small pond that has geese living on it. It also has several swings that allow you to stop and enjoy the view and the peacefulness of the garden, that is unless you have 4 kids with you.

There are numerous themed gardens located throughout the property.

All of the gardens offer something different and I am sure they are beautiful when it is not Februray.

This hike, while short, is a very peaceful walk through nature.

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