{2018} : Hike 2 : Fort Yargo State Park

Written by Mommy Cameron | Fitness

Apparently, I forgot to blog about Hike 2. Ooops. So here is a little catch up post.

Last Friday, the kids and I met up with our homeschool group for our first group hike of the year. We headed to Fort Yargo State Park. Fort Yargo is a very popular state park due to its location halfway between Atlanta and Athens. On most days you will find hikers, mountain bikers, and runners. However, since last Friday was a rainy day, we only saw one hiker and one runner, and that was before we set off with the group.

This hike started at the fort at Fort Yargo.  This is a popular starting point for the kids and I because they love to play around at the fort both before and after the hike. I like to start here because I love to take pictures of the fort that is from 1792.

This hike follows the yellow trail, which in its entirety is a 7 mile loop around the lake. We started at the fort and headed down to the lake where we went right into the woods. I led the group along the trail for a mile before we turned back to create a 2 mile out and back hike. 

This trail hugs the shores of the lake for most of the hike which is always a big hit with my kids. At one point the tail splits to where you can go walk along the rock garden or bypass. No matter which path you take, you end up at the same place.

There are also a couple of wooden bridges that you pass over and you walk near part of the disk golf course.

This was not a long hike for us, but with the rain coming down on us, we were ok with that.

Where have you hiked lately?