A Run Streak

Written by Mommy Cameron | Fitness

Even after my last post I have continued to struggle with my motivation. I want it, but I can’t seem to find the motivation I need to get out there and get moving. There are several things that have contributed to my lack of motivation, but instead of finding a way to work around those issues, with have let them stop me.

So literally one day I just decided I would start a run streak. Yeah, kinda random, but that is how it happened.

Why a run streak?
For one, I figured that even with everything going on that I could find time to run at least one mile each day. Two, I feel better after I run. Endorphins anyone? Lastly, just getting out to run one mile usually leads to so much more.

Why only one mile?
Well, honestly right now there are some days that is all that I can physically do. Others days that is all I can find time to do. I figure a little something is better than nothing.

How long do I plan to streak?
I have no idea how long I plan to take this streak. My most immediate goal is 21 days, so that I can get back in the habit again. After that, who knows.

Ultimately I am using this run streak as a motivator to get back into all things healthy again. Get back to lifting. Get back to practicing yoga. Get back to doing some sort of cardio.

I have discovered that when I am hitting all my planned workouts, I feel better, so in turn I eat better. In the end, it is all better.

“I know every mile, will be worth my while.”


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