I’ve Had Enough

Written by Mommy Cameron | Fitness

I had so many great goals that I set for myself last year after my birthday. Thing 4 had just turned 1, and I was ready to start feeling like myself again. I was ready to get back on the weight loss track that I had started before I found out I was pregnant with Thing 4. I also wanted to start blogging again, because I knew it would help hold me accountable.

However, NONE of that happened.

Instead, I gained weight, mainly because of my thyroid. My body didn’t become my own again until 6 months after my birthday because I ended up continuing to breast feed until Thing 4 was 18 months old. Things with 4 kids in the house are always crazy and I really struggled to find a solid routine, especially with Thing 4 continuing to change so rapidly.

The only thing I did successfully do was set finally get into a routine of lifting weights and some cardio. That was going great and I was seeing great progress until August, when everything kind of fell apart. I lost motivation. Schedules were crazy, which lead to me not getting enough sleep, which is super important because of my hypothyroidism. It all just spiraled out of control, to where I was doing almost nothing.

I have finally had enough. I’m had enough of being uncomfortable. I’m tired of feeling terrible. I’m tired of being tired.

I am going to spend the next year, not making excuses, but getting it done for myself. This is my birthday present to myself. (My birthday was Sunday.)

I’m going to spend this year focusing on me and my health. (No I am not going to ignore my family, but I might say NO a little more often.) I am also hoping that a bi-product of this focus will be that the kids start eating more healthfully too.

My ultimate goal is that by my birthday next year I am a much healthier version of me. My plan is to blog more along the way and share my successes and struggles, but that may not last because focusing on my health will come first. Just being honest.

Hopefully in the following days I will have time to share my “plan” for success.

Making It Happen!
Day 2 of 365.


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