{HIIT Workouts} : Week of 7.16

Written by Mommy Cameron | Fitness

Every week I try to change up my HIIT workout combinations. It keeps me from getting bored and definitely keeps challenging my body.

Monday’s HIIT
45 seconds high intensity : 15 seconds rest    Repeat 5 times
*double butt kicks
*mt. climbers
*cross planks
*tuck jump
*ski jumper
*Jump back push up

Wednesday’s HIIT
30 second high intensity : 10 seconds rest    Repeat 5 times
*rocket jump
*donkey kick
*tuck jump
*running jack
*speed jack
*mt. climbers
*jump lunges
*high knees
*vertical crunch

Friday’s HIIT
40 seconds high intensity : 20 seconds rest     Repeat 5 Times
*sky kick
*switch back
*push up
*rocket jump
*squat jump
*switch kick

It may seem kind of sick, but I am actually excited to get back to doing my random HIIT workouts. I had stopped for a little while in favor of the super popular Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. After a few weeks of the BBG workouts, I was bored. So I knew I needed to change it up.

“Call me crazy but I love suffering the day after my workout.”

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