{Weekly Goal} : 8.8.16

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

While I have been known to set monthly goals, lately I have been setting one weekly goal. Something that will give me a focus for the week. One small thing that I want to accomplish.

While I was on vacation, I set a goal to maintain my weight for the week. It made me more conscious of what I was eating as well as making sure I got out and exercised. Over the week, I actually lost weight.

This week, as we return to reality, I have a simple goal of not gaining back the weight I lost over the break.

Our week will be a little bit crazier than normal as we adjust to having soccer practice every night of the week and I have to figure out how to get everyone fed. We also have to get back into our homeschooling routine. I am also still trying to get everything caught up from being on vacation. With all that stress, I know my goal needs to be simple.

Yes, I am running with that damn triple stroller again.


My running partners tonight at Thing 1’s practice. Tomorrow night I will just switch Thing 2 for Thing 1.

“Someone busier than you is running right now.”