{Rewind} : January 2016

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

Ok, so things have been pretty quiet this month. I had really great plans and really great intentions. Things were going really well until I bruised my ribs. January 10th, I was outside playing soccer with the family and I might have been tripped by Thing 1, and I fell.


My ribs hurt pretty bad. I couldn’t stand up straight. It hurt to breath. The worse was trying to take care of a 10 pound Thing 4. It just hurt.


However what surprised me the most was how long it took to feel well enough to walk. It has been 3 weeks and I still can’t run.

IMG_1136 (2)

Despite the setback and forced inactivity, I still managed to get in 67.4 miles this month.

So here is this months break down.
Walk : 32.6 miles
Bike: 18 miles
Hike: 10.6 miles
Run : 6.2 miles

The hiking mileage has increased because the boys and I have decided to do a hike every week this year. I really want to get the boy moving more, because since Minecraft was introduced to our boys they have become much less active.


Hopefully February will go a lot better.