{Fit Pregnancy} : Week 26 to the End

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

Surprise, surprise! I didn’t keep blogging through the end of my pregnancy, however, I did stay very active.  I did some form of cardio most days of the week.  Here is a breakdown of the last 4 months of my pregnancy.

July : 55 miles
August : 52 miles
September : 63 miles
October : 30 miles

This miles were made up of runs, walks and hikes.

Two days before I gave birth, I ran 3 miles. The day before I gave birth I walked 5 miles. I might have been on a mission to get Thing 4 out. I was miserable because I had polyhydraimnos, or too much fluid, which made everything much more uncomforatable.


The last picture before Thing 4 arrived, taken after my 3 mile run.

I firmly believe that because I was so active during this entire pregnancy, it made my delivery so much easier.  Thing 4 was my largest baby at 7 pounds 8.4 ounces, however, she was my easiest delivery. I had no pain medication once my epidural wore off. I was up and moving as soon as I could feel my legs. I was so ready to go home as soon as she was out. Thankfully I was able to go home the next day.

My recovery has also been so much easier than before. I was out trunk or treating 3 days after she was born. I was trick or treating through a hilly neighborhood 6 days after she was born. I really want to start running, but I know I need to let my body heal a little more.


Staying active was absolutely the best thing I could have done both during my pregnancy and to make my recovery easier after delivery.