Chopped Oak Triathlon 2015

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

One thing I wanted to do during this pregnancy was to complete a triathlon.  Call me crazy!

Almost 2 weeks ago, before our beach vacation, I completed my goal by competing the Chopped Oak Triathlon 2015. I competed in this triathlon last year, except I did the longer distance. I knew this year I couldn’t do the longer distance because I just couldn’t get comfy on the bike. There was no way I was going to make 16 miles on the bike without a few issues, it is amazing how pregnancy changes your body. This year I chose to compete in the super sprint with consisted of a 250 yard swim, 8 mile bike ride and 2.25 mile run.

Swim (250 yards) – 5:21
This was probably one of my slower swims, but I was happy to have completed it and didn’t get lapped.  It is the small things.


Transition 1 – 1:58
My transition time was super slow, but due to my pregnancy I couldn’t comfortably fit into my tri shorts so I swam in a swimsuit.  So when I got out of the pool, I put on a running skirt, cause I am not comfortable running in a swimsuit. I also chose to put on my tennis shoes to ride my bike instead of my bike shoes.  I am absolutely terrible at clipping in and out, thus I was concerned about falling.

Bike (8 miles) – 32:46
The bike was ok. The ride wasn’t terribly hilly for north Georgia. There were only two downsides, first, the turn around was at the bottom of a hill. So you are going down the hill, getting good speed and essentially you have to come to a stop to turn around and head back up the hill.  Not Cool! The second downside was throwing up in my mouth a little bit, probably a little bit TMI, but hey, this is one of the things I am having to deal with this pregnancy.


Transition 2 – 0:39
Yay! Why can’t all my transitions be this fast.  Oh yeah, that’s because I usually have to change shoes.

Run (2.25 miles) – 25:47
My run was slow, but I knew it would be. I don’t run fast in the first place and then lets add a big ‘ol belly to the deal. It was getting hot, but I had planned ahead and brought my own water on the run, so I wouldn’t overheat. There was also a big hill that had many people walking up it, but I kept running.


Total Time – 1:06:34
I finished 1st overall female by 11 minutes.  I was really surprised about that, because honestly I was just going out there to have fun. I was the 5th finisher overall.


Despite doing well, I think my favorite part of the experience was the stares I was getting from everyone around me. There was one woman who kept staring at me whenever I was in her sight. Even my husband, who typically wouldn’t notice something like that commented. I don’t think she could decide if I was pregnant or not.

However, the best part of the day was that Thing 3 and I both placed (he got 2nd)!