{Fit Pregnancy} : 20 Weeks

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

Well look at that, I actually posted two weeks in a row. This last week has been quiet the week.  On Monday, we found out that surprise baby #4 is a girl! On Tuesday, we revealed to the world that we were having a girl. Everyone is super excited, except for the boys.  I think they believe that their whole world is going to turn pink and this little princess is going to take over and their world is going to end.

It's a Girl 2

Thursday (6.18) – Walk (60 minutes)
Friday (6.19) – Swim (20 minutes)
Saturday (6.20) – Hike (6.5 miles)
Sunday (6.21) – Swim (40 minutes)
Monday (6.22) – Walk (30 minutes)
Tuesday (6.23) – Walk (60 minutes)
Wednesday (6.24) – Off (I had planned to swim laps this evening, but thunderstorms popped up)

I have felt pretty good, I am still tired most days.  But I don’t know if it is from growing a human, my thyroid levels being low again, or the fact that I am trying to do everything like I’m not pregnant. However, like I have said before, I feel better on the days I exercise than on the days I don’t.  So, I just have to keep moving.

How was your week?