{Fit Pregnancy} : 19 Weeks

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

Well look at that, I am actually back a week later writing about my exercise from this past week.

19 weeks
Thursday (6.11) – off
Friday (6.12) – Run (3 miles)
Saturday (6.13) – Walk (40 min.)
Sunday (6.14) – Walk (1 hour)
Monday (6.15) – Tread Water (20 min.)
Tuesday (6.16) – Run (4 miles) & Tread Water (45 min.)
Wednesday (6.17) – Walk (1 hour 20 min.) & Swim Laps (30 mins.)

It was  a great week!

My runs are all over the place.  Some days, my pace is almost what it was before I was pregnant.  Other days I feel like this turtle that was crossing our driveway on Tuesday, slow but steady.


This week was the first week that I actually ventured into the pool.  Up until this week, it has been a little cooler than I felt like dealing with. However, this week it has been hot, like mid to upper 90s, hot.  I love it. I love summer!  Anyway, my pregnant body loves being in the water.  I love that the baby is not putting pressure on any part of my body, giving my aching back and hips a break.


Tonight, I swam laps for the first time this summer and it felt amazing.  I get a full body workout and there is no pressure anywhere, like there is when I run or walk. I also relish the idea that my arms got a great workout.

I look forward to seeing what next week brings!