{Fit Pregnancy} : 10 Weeks & Before

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

In an effort to hold myself accountable and not get sucked in to having a lazy pregnancy I thought I should start blogging again. We shall see how it goes.  DSC_2251

So before I became pregnant with Thing 4, my weekly workouts looked like this:

Sunday: 2-50 minute indoor soccer games and I played the whole time
Monday: 60 minute bike ride and 35-45 minutes of indoor soccer
Tuesday: Off or 3 mile run
Wednesday: 3 mile run
Thursday: 60 minute bike ride
Friday : 4 mile run
Saturday : off
Sunday : 100 minutes of indoor soccer

There was also some yoga/stretching and weight training in there too.

I know you can keep up your current level of fitness once you got pregnant and I did until I was about 8 weeks along.  The soccer games on Sunday were killing me.  I was so tired Monday, that I could hardly function.  No good, when you have three other kiddos to take care of and school.  And honestly, it sucked trying to play while nauseous.  Also, between the wear on my body and having to change the way I play to protect Thing 4, it just isn’t worth it.

How things have changed the last two weeks:
For one week, I let my body rest a little bit.  The 10 weeks of 2 games every Sunday, really wore my body out and left me with some injuries that just haven’t had time to heal.  Also, my nausea just really hasn’t left me wanting to run much.

Last week was better, while I still feel sick to my stomach, I have been feeling so much better when I have exercised, so I got up early and got moving.  Now, these are nowhere near the same intensity as they were before, but I got moving.  Here is what last week looked like:

Sunday: Off
Monday: Off
Tuesday : Off
Wednesday: Run (3 miles), Walk (2.21 miles)
Thursday: Run (3.5 miles), Walk (2.5 miles)
Friday: Walk (3.21)
Saturday: Run (4 miles)
Sunday: Walk (2.23 miles)
Monday: Ride (60 minutes)
Tuesday: Walk (3.07 miles)

That’s 23. 72 miles on my feet and who knows how far on my bike trainer!  I also did some strength training and stretching.  It felt good to get moving again after a down week.

I am hoping to keep that up.  I did try to run Monday, but I just couldn’t get comfortable, so I stopped an opted to ride my bike instead.  I have ordered a brace to see if that will help with the discomfort I am feeling.

I have also continued to track my calorie intake, well, most days.  Some days I know are bad and I just don’t want to know.  Stupid cravings.  I know that I make better food choices when I am tracking my food, so I figured it isn’t going to hurt to keep that habit.  Besides, I know it will be easier for me to get back on track again when I am no longer pregnant if I keep it up while I am pregnant.

How do you stay active while pregnant?

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    Thank you for the recipe; beautiful photographs.