2015 Goals

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

I know I am a little late on the whole New Year’s Resolution thing, but what’s new.  I seem to always be late for a party lately.  Since we moved over a year ago, I have struggled to find a groove in almost everything, however one of the things that has suffered to most was my exercise habits.


Since we put our house in Texas on the market in October of 2013, my exercise has been hit or miss.  Yes, I completed and placed in 3 or 4 triathlons, but I did not train for them and they kicked my butt, especially the hills on the bike rides.  There were several times throughout the year I would get into a good exercise grove, but then one little thing would completely derail me.

I am most thankful that despite my terrible eating and my hit or miss exercise that since October of 2013, I have only gained 10 pounds.  This is probably an even bigger accomplishment because I have also been off my thyroid medicine completely the entire year, which mean my metabolism is running super slow.

In October, I finally found something that has kept me motivated for 3 months.  I started playing indoor soccer.  I grew up playing soccer since I was 8, all the way through college.  However, I had not played more than backyard soccer with my boys, for about 9 years.  So needless to say, hopping back on to the field was a shock to my body.

After the first two weeks, my body finally adjusted to the playing on the field again, something that is completely different from just running miles on the road.  I also had to adjust to playing the entire game, up and back, with lots of cutting and turning. Overall, it has been a great way to get my butt in shape, quickly, but more importantly it has motivated me to get into better shape.

My main goal for 2015, is to continue to stay active and motivated.  I am happier, I am a better mom, and I have more energy when I am active.  It is a win win for everyone.

Other things I would like to accomplish in 2015 are…
*Lose weight.  Ultimately I would like to lose 30 pounds, but I would be happy with 20 pounds.
*Get faster.  I am tired of being the slowest person on the soccer field.  I know losing weight will help with that too.
*Become more flexible.  As I get older, in order to stay active, I have to stay uninjured.
*Gain Strength.  I need to build up my upper body strength.

I have specific plans in place to achieve each of these goals, now it is just up to me to follow my plans and adjust when necessary.  Unlike years past, I haven’t set more specific goals, like race goals or so many exercises a month, because I realize that those are just not realistic for me.  I have 3 boys and a husband that travels every week, life happens.  I have my ultimate goals, but I set my plans one month at a time, and get detailed, one week at a time.  This allows me to still reach my goals, but adjust as necessary for life.

I would like to say that I will do a better job about blogging my progress this year, but I just don’t know if it will happen.  However, I have done better staying on track when I was blogging about my adventures.  So I guess we shall see.

What are you plans for the year?