Old Capital Triathlon 2014

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

Last weekend I competed in my second triathlon of the season.  To be honest, I haven’t been training very hard, or even in some cases at all.  For one, I just haven’t been motivated.  I have also had some crazy things, like some pretty wicked poison ivy that kept me from training.

So now that all my excuses are out of the way, let’s get down to the details.

Swim (500 meter open water) – 12:26

fprints,3dhand,&mire 088

This was my second open water swim ever, so my time was pretty good.  My pool times are faster because I am really good at pushing off the wall.  I was first out of the water for my division.

Transition 1  – 1:38

This was a pretty fast transition for me.

Bike (14 miles) – 1:00:28

fprints,3dhand,&mire 118

Oh, were to start. Well, let’s start at the beginning, I fell off my bike less than 50 yards from the bike out. It didn’t help that the first half mile was straight up hill.  Once I got on my bike things were going pretty well, until the last 7 miles when there were some pretty big hills.  Yep, more hills.  I am just not in condition to riding my bike, let alone riding some big hills.

Transition 2 – 1:12

Run (5K) – 34:32

fprints,3dhand,&mire 142

Oh, you know, if there are hills on the bike course, you know there are hills on the run course too.  So between the hills on the run, not training and the bruise I can feel forming on my butt from falling off my bike the run was awesome.  Not.  This is by far one of my slowest times ever.

fprints,3dhand,&mire 177

These awesome times landed me 3rd place in the Athena division.

So, basically I need to train more.  I need to ride my bike more, than say never.  Then I need to get out and ride on these stinkin’ hills.  Secondly, I need to keep running hills, more often and faster.  Oh, and I probably need to lose those 10 pounds that I have gained since last November.  I just need to get moving.

Next up, I will be competing in another sprint triathlon on July 13.  However, what I am more excited about is that all three boys will be doing competing in their first triathlon.  So not only will I be training hard the next six weeks, but the boys will be doing some training also.  It’s an exciting time in the Cameron household.

What’s up next for you?