Week 1 of Training Done!

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

I wish I could say that I hit all my workouts and felt great at every one of them, but that just wouldn’t be honest.  So let’s see how the week went.

Yoga  – Didn’t Happen
Run (3 miles) – Completed

Yoga – Didn’t Happen
Weights : Chest – Completed
Run (2 min slow, 1 min fast interval) for 4 miles – Completed

Yoga – Didn’t Happen
Weights: Back – Completed
Run (hill repeats x 10) – Completed, Thing 1 joined me

Weights : Legs – Didn’t Happen
Bike (30 minutes) – Completed
Swim (30 minutes) – Didn’t Happen
stretch – Completed

Yoga – Didin’t Happen
Weights : Shoulders – Completed on Friday
Walk 1 hour or OFF – Completed, Walk

Weights: Biceps/Triceps – Completed
Bike (120 minutes) – Completed
stretch – Completed

Bike (60 minutes) – Completed
Run (4 miles) – Only managed 3 miles.  I had to take my boys to soccer.

I was able to get almost all of the weight and cardio done, but I struggled with the yoga.  However, I should have done more because I my body was struggling this past week.
DesotoFallsHike 308

I am not exactly sure what my training will look like this week. I have a plan, similar to last week.  I am trying to decide whether I look at this weekends triathlon as just part of training or do I rest up a little bit and try my best.  I know if I complete all of my training this week my body will be sore and tired because I am working hard and building up to an olympic distance triathlon.  If I rest a little bit, I will get a good gage of exactly where my fitness is at this point.  So who knows what I will be doing this week.

On the diet front, I had great plans, but it just didn’t happen.  I have found that when Daddy Cameron is home I tend to eat more, because I am cooking more than when I am just cooking for the boys and I.  However, we would rather have him home, I just need to learn to control myself more.

I honestly think that if I would eliminate gluten from my diet I would feel so much better.  Any time I eat something with gluten my stomach immediately starts hurting.  However, it is just so hard for me to give up something that I have loved for so long.  Also, I sometimes just don’t realize how many things have gluten in them.  So while I don’t think I can go cold turkey, I am going to start eliminating most of the gluten that I can from my diet.  I really just want to feel better.  I don’t know how my boys are going to feel about the changes.  🙂