2 Weeks & Training

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

I did something a little crazy and maybe a little foolish, but I decided it might be the best kick in the pants to get me moving.  Last night I signed up for a sprint triathlon that is 2 weeks away.

Granted I haven’t been in a pool since last November.  I just started riding a bike again last week.  My running has been sporatic, at best.  Oh, and I weigh 10 pounds more than when I last competed.  But hey, why let that stop me?

HLCSPHike 099

I see this as a great way to get my butt in gear and start training, because we all know that I need a swift kick right about now.  Thankfully, the weather is going to be wonderful this week so that will help.  I hate getting up early to exercise when it is freezing outside.

So here is my training plan for this week, we shall see how this goes.

Run (3 miles)

Weights : Chest
Run (2 min slow, 1 min fast interval) for 4 miles

Weights: Back
Run (hill repeats x 10)

Weights : Legs
Bike (30 minutes)
Swim (30 minutes)

Weights : Shoulders
Walk 1 hour or OFF

Weights: Biceps/Triceps
Bike (120 minutes)

Bike (60 minutes)
Run (4 miles)

On top of all of this, I will be cleaning up my diet.  I am contemplating taking the Whole30 challenge.  Basically, for 30 days I eliminate sugar, grains, alcohol, beans, dairy, and white potatoes.  I haven’t completely decided if I will go cold turkey and do the Whole30 challenge, or if I will gradually eliminate all these things from my diet to see if my body feels better. Knowing me, I’m one to go big or go home.  So there is an 85% chance that I will start the Whole30 challenge tomorrow.  I really want to start feeling better and to have the energy that I had last summer.

Wish me luck!