Finding Motivation

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

This winter has sucked, let’s just be honest about it.  It has been ridiculously cold and filled with ice and snow.  I choose to live in the southern states for a reason.  I don’t do cold weather.  I don’t have clothes, running or otherwise for cold weather.

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Next add on a move halfway across the country, where other things, like unpacking your stuff and getting connected in the homeschool community come before training.

Throw in the fact that you had to leave your borrowed bike trainer back in Texas.

Oh, and don’t forget that 10 pounds I have put back on through the holidays and our move.

What you have is a recipe for one un-motivated triathlete.

I have been struggling over the last almost 3 months to get my motivation back.  At one point in January I considered not even doing any races this year.  Crazy, right?

I feel like I am starting all over from scratch.  It took me several weeks to get comfortable running 3 miles again.  Those 10 pounds I gained aren’t helping the situation.

Until this week, I hadn’t been on my bike since last November, when I competed in the Best of the Best Triathlon.  My bike had to be moved to the garage, because our realtor didn’t think having a bike in the master bedroom was a good selling point.  And like I said earlier I had to leave the trainer I was borrowing back in Texas.  It wasn’t until last week that my sweet husband bought me a new one.  It has taken me close to a week to get to where I can sit on a bike two days in a row.  I am struggling to be able to sit on it for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Obviously there is no swimming going on.  It’s too cold for outside.  I have no idea where an indoor pool is.  Oh, and did I mention it has been cold.

However, that is all changing.  After learning that my mom got into the Marine Corps Marathon and listening to her talk about all her training plans for both the marathon and several triathlons, I started to get that itch to compete again.

So this week, I took some time and started to look for and put a racing schedule together.  Just that simple act has got me excited about training again.  Right now I have found 4 different triathlons here in Georgia that are less than an hour and a half from our house.  I might add a couple of more, just depends on how things go.  I have started to put together a training plan and I am excited.

I have always known that I do better when I have something to train for.  I am less  likely to skip a workout.  I am more likely to get my tail out of bed.  I eat better.  I am more productive.  Right now I need all the help I can get.

How do you find motivation?