{Weigh In} : 2.12.14

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

So, it’s that time again, weigh in time.  I wish I had great news to report, like that I had lost a lot, or even some weight, but I haven’t.  Right now I am maintaining between 185 and 186 pounds.  Not great, but at least I am not gaining, right?

1stsnowgeorgia 071

Although the scale isn’t changing I feel a lot better than I have since all this moving stuff.  I am getting cardio exercise daily, even despite the cold weather. I only eat out once every two weeks and that is usually a salad from Chic-fil-a.  I have greatly reduced the amount of grains I am eating.  And as of this week I have finally started adding in some weight training.  Small and slow changes, but I know that they will eventually add up to big changes.

This first week of weight training has been painful, as expected.  Monday was chest, Tuesday was back and today was legs.  I am fully expecting to have trouble sitting tomorrow, especially since I already feel it today.  Usually, I don’t feel much of anything until the day after.  Tomorrow should be interesting.

How is your week going?