Update & Running Trails

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

Let’s be totally honest, I have been a horrible blogger lately on all fronts.  I don’t mean to, but life happens.  I have had a hard time lately establishing a rhythm to my day.

First and foremost, I had to establish a steady rhythm with the boys school day.  Thankfully, we have established a steady rhythm for our school day and school is going well.

Secondly, I wanted to establish a cardio routine.  I feel better when I get some sort of cardio exercise each day.  I am a better mother when I start my day with some cardio.  So, it was important to get my day started with some cardio, thus I took to running or walking our driveway every morning.  Let me tell you, in the beginning it was a slow and painful.  I had no idea how much cardio fitness I had lost during November and December as we moved.  It also didn’t help that I had gained 10 pounds during that time.  Stopping all exercise during the holidays was not the best idea.  However, I am happy to say that I have a good bit of my cardio fitness back.  No, I don’t think I could get out there and successfully compete in a triathlon, but I can handle over an hour of physical activity.

Now it is time to figure out how and where to add in yoga and weight training, while still getting in my cardio, cooking healthy meals, schooling my boys, cleaning my house, running errands, planning next years school and sleeping.  It is important to me and I am going to make time, but I just figure out when and how.


Thankfully, with Daddy Cameron home on the weekends I am able to get out and spent some time on my own.  Saturday morning I headed out to the same state park that we hiked as a family on Friday.  Really, after walking on part of the trails with the family on Friday I wanted to get out and try running them.  Now, let me say that I haven’t run a trail since maybe 2008.  What was I thinking?  Oh, and I also decided to run the 7 mile loop.  Seven miles.  I haven’t run 7 miles since, well I don’t know when.  Maybe when I was training for half marathons, which would have been in 2012.  What was I thinking?


Apparently, my thinking was pretty solid and I had a great 7 mile trail run.  It was awesome and surprisingly I was not too sore today.  My legs were tired as I headed out for a slow 3 mile recovery run, but they weren’t sore.  There was no falling the last foot to the potty or inability to bend down and put on my shores.  Just tired legs.  I am hoping to be able to head out to the trails more often as a great way to break up my driveway runs and to challenge my body a little more.

How was your week?