{Weigh In} : 1.22.14

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

Well…let’s see.  As I remember my goal before we moved was to get through the holidays staying around 180.  Two months without working out AT. ALL.  A stressful move.  Throw in several 14 hour road trips, the holidays and cold weather, let’s just say that didn’t happen.  I have managed to let my weight creep up to 188.  Not great, but It is much better than where I was a year ago.

northshoretrailhike 135

It goes without saying, I have my work cut out for me in order to turn this train around.  However, I am struggling to get motivated.  I started running for the first time in almost two months last week.  Let me tell you, those first three days were terrible.  I remember asking myself why I ever stopped.  I know getting started again is always painful and something to be avoided at all cost, but no I didn’t listen and I stopped running, stopped doing all cardio exercise.  Why?

However after about the fourth day, things started looking up.  I am still slow, if not slower than I was.   My body does not understand running these things called hills that they have here in Georgia. I also am starting to realize that I don’t have the correct clothes to go running when it is below freezing outside in the mornings.  It just never got that cold that often in Texas, so I had no reason to have lots of cold weather running gear.

Over the next few weeks, as we start to get into a consistent daily rhythm, I am hoping to start lifting weights and get into a regular yoga practice.  It is time to get back on track, cause honestly I feel like crap and my clothes just aren’t fitting so great. No good.

As for my plans for the year, I don’t have any yet.  In Texas it was really easy to find several triathlons to compete in that were relatively close to our house almost every weekend.  I am struggling big time to find anything like that in Georgia.  So who knows what I will end up doing.  Right now, I am just trying to get our house and homeschooling in order.

How is your 2014 going?