{Weigh In} : 11.20.13

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

So I may be a little late on this, but anyone who has ever moved understands just how crazy things are right now.  I did weigh myself yesterday morning, I was just so tired by the end of the day to actually write my post.  I am holding strong at 179.something.  The point something depends on the day, but it is 179.

run&pepperwalk 052

I will take it. To be honest, at this point I will be happy to make it to the new year under 180.  In the 6 weeks between now and the first of the year, next week is Thanksgiving, the week after we will be packing to move and moving halfway across the country, then we will be at our new house for about two weeks, then we head back to Texas for Christmas, and then back to our new home.  With all the travel and craziness the only exercise I may get in the next few weeks will be unpacking.

How are you doing?

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  1. As if the holidays weren’t busy enough, but moving too? Wow! Hope everything goes smoothly!