Best of the Best Triathlon 2013

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

This morning I had my last triathlon of the season.

To be honest, I was not excited about doing this triathlon.  The last few days I have been wondering why I signed up for this triathlon in the first place.

The last two weeks have been crazy busy.  I have spent the last two weeks scrubbing my house from top to bottom so that it would be picture and show ready.  Since the Monster Triathlon 2 weeks ago, I had run 3 or 4 times and rode my bike twice.  Needless to say I have not been training, unless you count scrubbing grout on my hands and knees as training.

Putting a house on the market is both physically and mentally stressful. Needless to say I was exhausted this morning.  I just wanted to curl up on the ground and go to sleep.  I wasn’t feeling the whole triathlon thing.

However, I paid money to do it.  I qualified to run this race (you had to finish in the top 10 of your age group of one of the Dallas Athletes Racing events this year).  So I was going to do it.

Swim (250 yards) 4:46
(2nd in my age division)

lastsoccer&bobtri 206

I’m the capless swimmer and my mom is in the white cap.

So I was a little concerned about the swim.  As I was standing in line and going to put my swim cap on, it tore in half.  Nothing like your swim cap tearing before you start a race that you weren’t that excited about doing in the first place.  To be honest, I wanted to cry.  I am just that tired and stressed that a torn swim cap could make me cry.  My mom was sweet enough to offer her cap, but I just didn’t care.  I would do what I had to do.

At the start of the swim I was feeling pretty good.  75 yards in I am coming in to the wall to turn and my mom, who started before me this race, was pushing off just as I was coming up for air and I inhaled some water.  I tried to keep going and turn but as I came up from the turn I had to stop and tread water as I tried to cough all the water up. For a few seconds I thought I was going to have to stop, because I could not breath.  However, I finally hacked up the water and was able to keep going.  Luckily the girl behind me was slower so she didn’t even come close to catching me.

Probably 125 yards into the swim I caught up with my mom who was having trouble getting around a guy who was swimming the breast stroke.  For the last 125 yards, it was a struggle to find a place to swim as we tried to pass.  Finally the last 25 yards I was able to bust by a couple of people who were slowing me down.  I was happy to get out of that pool.  However, the cool air that greeted me as I headed to transition was not so much fun.

Transition 1 : 2:04

Not the fastest, but not the slowest for once.

Bike (16 miles) 54:00  avg. 17.8 mph
(3rd in my age division)

lastsoccer&bobtri 229

Ok, so my husband took better pictures by my eyes are closed in one and I look drugged or drunk in the other.

Not my best bike by a long shot, but I got it done. I definitely needed to spend some more time in the saddle.  I really need to work my hill climbing, I guess moving to Georgia will help with those hills.

Transition 2 : 1:07

Right in the middle again, but way faster than last time.

Run (5K) : 29:23  avg. 9:29/mile  (A 5K PR!)
(3rd in my age division)

lastsoccer&bobtri 311

Getting high fives from my boys as I begin the second loop.

Yes, you read that right.  I set a 5K PR, by over 30 seconds after swimming 250 yards and riding 16 miles.  I am weird!

My left calf started to cramp halfway through, however, my husband has been all over my about running faster, so I was determined to run faster so I didn’t have to hear anything from him.  Apparently it worked.

lastsoccer&bobtri 364

I finished 3rd in the Athena 39 and under.  I would have finished 4th in the 30-34 age group, which is pretty good since some of those girls weigh 30 to 40 pounds less than I do.  So for a race I was not that excited about doing I did well.  Maybe my grout cleaning cross training helped…not.  And even if it did, I will not be doing that again.

lastsoccer&bobtri 356

For the next few weeks I am going to be focusing on moving and that Thanksgiving holidays.  However, while I am packing endless boxes I am going to start thinking about my off-season training plans and what I where I want to focus my energies.

What are you focusing on during the off-season?