Not Prepared to Tri

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

Yesterday I picked up my packet for the Monster Triathlon on Sunday.  While I was excited about my swag (long sleeve tech shirt and calf compression sleeves) and I enjoy doing triathlons, I couldn’t help the feeling of dread.

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I know I have not prepared and train enough to feel truly comfortable with this triathlon.

I have not swam since the last week in September.  I am going to try to hit the local indoor pool either Friday, Saturday or both.  I am not sure it will be enough for me to feel comfortable swimming 300 yards.  I already plan to move back in the line at the start because I don’t think I will finish near my predicted time.  I am also the most uncomfortable with the swim.

I have ridden the bike trainer some, but not for more than 35 minutes or so at a time.  I am thankful that the ride portion is only 12.6 miles.  I am not I could handle it if it was much longer.  Oh, and then there is that whole getting on and off my road bike.  Let’s just say it is not pretty.

I have been running, but mostly pushing at least two of the boys in our struggling double jogging stroller.  Not pretty or very fast.  I am hoping that pushing all that extra weight will make me feel like I can fly.  We will see…


So add up the fact that I have under trained, well hardly trained at all to the fact that I feel like I am getting what Thing 2 had this past weekend, some lack of sleep and a body that feels like it is suffering still from the effects of our trip to Georgia to look for houses, I don’t feel like I am really prepared to do my best.  I had high hopes for this race, I wanted to do well.  It is my birthday present to myself (my birthday is next Tuesday, I think).  Now I am concerned with how my body is going to survive this race.

I guess I should have a better attitude about it all, since I get to race. I mean I could be sitting at home not racing.  I guess I just needed to vent a little.  I actually feel better about it now.  Maybe I should go get a costume and enjoy the day!

Are you racing this weekend?