{Weigh In} : 10.23.13

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

Ok, so once again I have fallen off the weekly weigh in wagon.  Well, actually I have fallen off the blogging wagon in general.  I am full of excuses; (packing, cleaning, house searching, traveling, broken scale, etc), but I know it is up to me to get myself back on track and motivated again.



My running partners this evening.

The broken scale is probably the biggest factor in my lack of weigh in posts.  Kinda hard to know what you weigh if you can’t get your bathroom scale to work.  However, after way to much delay, I finally replaced our broken bathroom scale.  I have had it about a week, however, I had gotten out of the routine of weighing myself and just forgot.  (There is a lot going on around here.)

I weighed 175 pounds on September 1st.  This morning I weighed…


To be honest, it is what I expected if not a little better.  I have been doing half of the training that I normally do.  I took almost two weeks off due to fatigue and looking for houses  (lots of time in the car when you are looking to live in the middle of nowhere.)  My eating has been horrible and my body feels it, lots of fast food due to making two trips to Georgia, including the one where I drove 13 hours there, spent 8 hours three days in the cars traveling to 3o something properties and 15 pieces of land and driving 13 hours back.  I have also not been getting enough sleep due to and the extra work and cleaning I am doing to get our house ready to sell.  Daddy Cameron has also been gone two weekends, making it hard for me to get any longer runs in.  I can only push the triple jogging stroller so far.  Oh, and my thyroid doctor said my levels were too high, which is causing me to be more tired than usual.  Yay!

So overall, only a 4 pound weigh gain isn’t too bad.  However, I am ready to get back to eating  better and feeling better again.  I am also determined to do a better job of tracking my progress, so on those days when “I’m too tired” I can look back and see how far I have come and how much better I feel when I do exercise.

I have come a long way this year.  I have lost almost 25 pounds since March.  I have been working several years to lose weight and I have finally done it, especially with all the ups and downs I have had with my thyroid.

Just tonight I found this picture of an old weigh in (Jan. 16), before I was ever brave enough to post it on the blog.  Sadly, this wasn’t even my highest weight.  Notice the different scales. 🙂


How was your week?