My 2nd Tri!

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

On Saturday I participated in my second triathlon!

Saturday morning I woke up at 4am, so that I could do my hair, put my bike on the car, and get my boys up and in the car.  Daddy Cameron and YaYa, both got up and came along to cheer me on too.

The race started at 7am and instead of being number 4, this time I was number 10. This was the same course that I did my first tri on back in August. This time my biggest fear was busting my booty, trying to clip and unclip on my new bike, since I had not really taken the bike out for a spin.

tri 030

Swimming.  Yeah, was not too happy with my swim this time.

tri 103

Biking.  I passed two or three guys on my new bike!

tri 137

Running.  It is almost over!  Apparently I ran the fastest I have ran in a long time, weird that it comes after swimming and biking.

First, I did not bust while getting on and off my bike.  Secondly, I beat my time from August by over a minute.  Lastly, I finished first in my age group, 4th for females and 16th overall.

To feel better about my next triathlon, I really need to work on running a lot faster.  I would also like to get a little more comfortable with my swim.

I was super excited about how well it went and I can’t wait for my next triathlon in July!