{Wednesday Weigh In} : (1.16.13) The Same

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

Honestly I am not surprised that my scale read the same number as it read last week.

Wednesday Weigh In

After two weeks and a total of 5 pounds lost, I knew it was time for my body to realize what was going on and put a hold on my progress.  Thus, I am not upset at all with my progress according to the scale.  I knew it was coming.

So what does all this mean for me?
Well, it means that it is time for me to change a few things up. So my goal for the next week is to change up my current workout routine so that my body has to work a little harder.

I also want to continue to clean up my eating even more.  There are always areas where I can do a little better when it comes to eating.  I have decades of bad habits to break.  Ultimately, I want to eat nothing but real (and preferably local foods) and enjoy it.   I have made a lot of progress over the last year and I just need to keep moving towards that direction.

One other big change that I am hoping to make is to get more sleep.  I am a night owl by nature, however, my early bird boys don’t mesh well with that concept.  Since it is best for everyone in my house if I work out in the morning, I have been getting up about 5am.  This has been great because I have been able to get my workouts in and shower before the boys are completely awake demanding breakfast.  The only problem is that I have not been adjusting my bedtime accordingly. I know my body needs more sleep so I one of my goals is to get my stuff done earlier, so I can get to bed earlier.  We will see how that goes…

How has your week been?

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