{Wednesday Weigh In} : Starting Again

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

Last year I set a goal to loose weight and I did for a while, however the last two months have really kicked my butt and I have found myself back at square one.  Despite being a little discouraged about being back at square one, I know that I can reach my goal.

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However, in order to reach my goal, I need to get my thyroid under control.  Yes, it is still not at the right level, but it will get there.  Secondly, I have to continue to workout and track my food.  I was most successful when I was doing some sort of exercise daily and keeping track of everything I eat.  So I have to get back to it.

As I reflected back on my year, my fitness was the best when I was training for the triathlon.  I was running, swimming and biking almost daily.  I really noticed and benefited from the variety in my workouts.  So as I set to plan out this year, I have made sure to add more variety this year.  The variety is not only going to benefit my body, it is also going to benefit my schedule.  So I am looking forward to the challenge.

My goal, which I know I have said before is to hold myself accountable by writing about my journey.  So hear it starts.

Since last Wednesday, which is when I started focusing on my health again, I have lost 3 pounds. Yeah!

What are your goals for the year?