{Weigh In} : July 11

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

I’m STUCK.  I have been at the same weight for a month now.   

I am happy that I am maintaining my weigh loss, but I would really like to start losing again.

I know I need to change up my routine.  I have been saying that for a couple of weeks now, but I need to do it.  I had planned to start lifting weights this week, oops!

I have a plan, and starting next Monday I will be adding weights to my usual cardio routine.  I know I should change up my cardio routine, but I like to run.  Yes, I am one of those weird people who looks forward and need my morning run.  It is my drug.  For those who aren’t runners, you just wouldn’t understand. 

I am hoping that lifting weights will soon become my second drug.  It has been a while, like college, since I have had a serious weight lifting routine.  I know that the first week or two are going to be rough and I am going to be sore, but at the same time I am excited.

How are things going for you?