{Wednesday Weigh In} : The Big Update

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

I know I am way behind with my weigh in posts.  Don’t worry I am still hard at work on my weight loss journey, so hard at work that I just haven’t had time to write about all my progress.  So here it is a big update with all my progress.

To start, since I really got serious about trying to lose weight (beginning of April), I have lost a total of 20 pounds.  This is the most amount of weight I have ever lost, so needless to say I am super excited about that.  The best part is that all of the changes I have made are things that I will be able to maintain forever.  There is no strange fads or crazy stuff that I can’t maintain myself.

Secondly, with all the weight lost, it should come as no surprise that I have lost inches from my body.  I have lost an inch everywhere on my body.  This has allowed me to be able to wear clothes that I have been unable to wear since before Thing 2 was conceived.  It is a great feeling.

Lastly, and in some ways most importantly, I feel great.  I more energy, which is important when you are trying to raise three very active boys. I don’t need caffeine to stay awake.  I am sleeping better at night.  My patients (what little I ever had) is at an all time high.  The boys and their chaos doesn’t frazzle me nearly as easily.  It is great!

The only downside to my weight loss journey is that I have currently hit a plateau.  I have been at my current weight for the last 3 weeks.  Not exactly what I was hoping for, but I knew it would only be a matter of time before I hit a plateau.  With a very busy next couple of weeks, I do not plan to change my routine too much.  However, the first week of July I will be changing up my routine and adding more weight training sessions in an effort to bust through this plateau.

What have you done to get through a plateau?