{Wednesday Weigh In} Week 2

Written by Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

Week 2 = Success!  I have lost 2.5 pounds since last Wednesday.

I think what really helped this week is that I have finally started exercising (running) again over this past week.  I know that when I am running, I feel better.  When I am running, I eat better.  When I am running, I am a better mommy.

That sticky note that I wrote last week about going to run is still hanging up at my desk as a daily reminder to get my tail out there.

I think the next best step for me would be to start actually tracking my calorie intake.  I know there are days when I eat too much, but then at the same time there are days that I eat too little.  So, I know that if I am going to continue to be successful I need to start tracking my calories until I get a better idea of what I am really eating.

I have tried to track calories in the past.  I get breakfast entered.  I get half of lunch entered and none of dinner entered.  Honestly, dinner is usually when I go crazy based on the day that I have had.

How do you track your calories?