{Monthly Rewind} : August 2016

August started on such a positive note. During the first week of August, while on vacation, I managed to lose […] …{Read More}


{Weekly Goal} : 8.15.16

Last week my goal was to keep the weight off that I lost while on vacation at the beach. I […] …{Read More}


{Weekly Goal} : 8.8.16

While I have been known to set monthly goals, lately I have been setting one weekly goal. Something that will […] …{Read More}


Vacation Over

Last week I was on vacation. Yay! Before I left for vacation, I set a goal for the week. My […] …{Read More}



If you have been reading this part of my blog for a long time, you know that I have a […] …{Read More}


{Rewind} : February

Despite having a slow start to February, I was able to get in some great mileage, most of it with […] …{Read More}


{Rewind} : January 2016

Ok, so things have been pretty quiet this month. I had really great plans and really great intentions. Things were […] …{Read More}


{Monthly Goals} : January 2016

Where did December go? Overall I had a great month and was able to achieve most of my goals. December […] …{Read More}


2016 Goals

I know many people make resolutions or goals each year. I also realize that most people don’t follow through with […] …{Read More}

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